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Category: editing

Is There Method to My Madness or Madness In My Method?

Some people say there is a right and a wrong way to write a novel. I can’t say that I agree with such a notion when it comes to the creative process. It’s like telling a star there is a…

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When ‘Thank You’ Is the Hardest Thing To Say

Some words come easy to us. Words of tenderness for a loved one. Colorful metaphors. The proper order of terms for the grande triple mocha latte flavored coffee you order every day at the local Starbucks. But there are also…

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The Joys of Editing: It sounded so much better when I was in the shower….

We have all had those glorious moments in the rain locker.┬áThere you are…glistening wet skin, the perfect echo chamber, and your favorite song. The need to belt out the words seems as natural as breathing in and out. We are…

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