Author H.L. Stephens


Finding Peace In the Whirlwind

The world is a noisy place, and sometimes it is easy to find yourself and your dreams lost within the whirlwind, unable to find your way. At those moments, it is simplest to just give up, surrendering the better part of…

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Is There Method to My Madness or Madness In My Method?

Some people say there is a right and a wrong way to write a novel. I can’t say that I agree with such a notion when it comes to the creative process. It’s like telling a star there is a…

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When Imagination and Reality Collide

As a writer, it is my job to imagine the worst scenarios imaginable, and depending upon the type of genre I am delving into, it is my solemn duty to do my best to pry into the darkest aspect of my…

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The Darkside and Me

I have finally done it. I have finally taken the plunge into the 21st century and created an Instagram account. I am only twenty years behind the rest of the world and most toddlers who have the app built into…

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