Rise of the White Lotus

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000031_00009]Rise of the White Lotus is book one in the Plain Jane Assassin series.

Jane MacLeod never planned on becoming a teenage assassin. In fact, after the brutal murder of her parents and sister in New York City at the age of seven, all she wanted to do was bury the memory of what she witnessed. She thought she had done just that when she was sent to live with her pole-dancing aunt and wrench-turning uncle in the dusty, wind-swept town of Ironco, Texas. But eight years later when the Russian mob comes hunting her once more, she realizes that a normal life will never truly be hers until she faces the demons of her past.

Driven by the need for answers, Jane once again finds herself in New York City, but she quickly discovers that prying into dark corners comes with a price when she falls into the hands of her enemies. Fate intervenes when Jane is saved by the Shadow Brigade. They transform her into a lethal killer and help her ignite a war in the heart of the Russian mob’s illicit operations.

As Jane and her crew burrow into the underbelly of the enemy, the stakes get ever higher. With time running out and as the blood begins to flow, Jane must embrace her darker nature to turn the tables and make the hunters the hunted to save her friends. But will she lose herself in the process of becoming the archangel of death?

In this gripping story of action and adventure, we see through Jane’s eyes a world of treachery, technology, and trade craft brought to bear against a world of darkness, drugs, and bloodshed that the Russian mob inhabits. As we follow Jane down her darkened path, we discover that triumph is sometimes bittersweet, and things are not always what they seem.

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