Chronicles of Mister Marmee

The Chronicles of Mister Marmee novels are the first hand accounts of the many investigations and exploits of the feline adventurer and consulting detective, Mister Marmee and his best friend and colleague, the famous dachshund detective Sir Happy Heart. The world is introduced to this dynamic detective duo at a time when the criminal underworld is just beginning to make its mark upon the fabric of the British Empire in the Victorian Era and when the Empire desperately needs heroic figures to champion the cause of justice. Joined by their human counterpart, Inspector Hyrum Farley of Scotland Yard, Mister Marmee and Sir Happy Heart begin a lifelong struggle against the worst the criminal mind has to offer.
The Chronicles of Mister Marmee novels are not unlike the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and his endearing friend Doctor Watson in setting, style, and language. There are a few things which set the Mister Marmee stories apart from the stories of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The Chronicles of Mister Marmee are told from the perspective of a Victorian gentleman who just happens to be a marmalade colored cat. Each novel has the requisite elements one would expect to find in a truly riveting mystery – intrigue, jealousy, revenge, murder, plot twists, seemingly innocuous clues, and copious numbers of suspects. The novels weave together elements of the human and animal world, seamlessly integrating the two realms. In recounting his many adventures as a consulting detective, Mister Marmee offers us a rare glimpse into the true intricacies of the animal community and reveals through his writings that animals can understand humans and their languages, in all their complexities and nuances. Few humans, on the other hand, are able to understand the animal language and therefore often marginalize and underestimate the animals around them. By sharing his adventures, Mister Marmee gives a voice to those animals who have none, because of this limited understanding.
One significant theme found throughout the Chronicles of Mister Marmee is the deep and enduring bond between Mister Marmee and Sir Happy Heart. Although they come from different species and different backgrounds, their abiding respect and admiration for each other strengthens the connection between them, transforming them into an unstoppable force; the scourge of all who would seek to bring harm to the innocent.
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