My Muses

I wrote the entry below several years ago. My little Peanut, the red Pommy, has since passed away. My beautiful little love, who was there for the first words of my very first novel, has moved on to wait for me in heaven. She was 5 days shy of her 12th birthday. It has been a hard journey since October 29, 2016. My writing has lingered in the realm of silence for so many reasons since that day, but I read the words I wrote when she was with me. Words that were written with such enthusiasm, and I remember a time when my heart fluttered with anticipation for the next adventure. An adventure I would share with my little ones.

Sassy, my white Pommy, is still with me, watching over my life and my heart. She is her own little miracle, and I can see a time when she will be the guardian of her mommy’s pages once again. I wait with hope for that day.


Every writer has their muse. That spark of inspiration they cannot live without. The font from which all creative energy flows. For me, I have twin sources. Two fluffy fonts of mischievous marvelous love that support my efforts to pursue my dreams, day in and day out. They are my shadows. Forever with me, watching, waiting, giving advice. Offering criticism when needed. There to ensure I take those mental breaks when my brain is overloaded and in need of respite. “Play breaks” we call them. So who are my muses you ask? They are my pommies Peanut Pumpkin Pie (Peanut) and Sassafras Marshmallow Muffin (Sassy). 


Sassy and Peanut telling me it’s time for a break.

Peanut is my senior girl and Sassy’s elder by nearly 10 years. Sassy came into our lives as a rescue after I had almost lost Peanut to liver failure. We all needed a “do over” and a chance for new hope for the future. We found it in each other.

Peanut and I have been together since she was 6 weeks old. It was love at first sight for both of us. We went through college together. We have worked my day job together. We have struggled through health issues together. Through it all, we have written our stories. She has been there for every single word of every novel. Now Sassy has joined in the vigil. Sometimes it is a challenge accommodating two pommies while I type out my first drafts or edit first thing in the morning, especially if they think cuddles or play time should come first.


Peanut and Sassy deciding cuddles are more important than writing in the morning.

All in all, their presence adds more to the process than I could ever begin to put to words. They are funny and silly and sweet and the hearts of my heart. Each one of them has their own unique voice that acts, in so many ways, as an inspiration for characters throughout my stories. They make me laugh when I need to laugh, and they keep me centered on the things that matter most in life. They remind me why I am doing this in the first place, especially during those times when I get discouraged.

They keep me going and help me remember what it is like to be a child. A simple silly child that chases fireflies and dances in the rain and makes sand castles and finds wonder in the simple miracles of life.

A writer who weaves miracles from dandelion fluff must remember what it feels like to giggle and gasp in awe and gallop like a horse and be silly without caring what the world thinks about it. My girls, my fluffy, funny girls do that for me….and then some.


Peanut’s shark suit


Sassy asking for belly rubs

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