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Adventures in Querying: Where is the Chubby Hubby Ice Cream When You Need It?

Ben and Jerry’s has the most amazing flavor of ice cream called Chubby Hubby. It is a single pint of decadent saturate-your-sorrows in 35 grams of sinful artery-clogging saturated fat and it’s-probably-better-if-you-don’t-read-the-rest-of-the-nutritional-information yum-inny goodness. For several years, it was my…

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When ‘Thank You’ Is the Hardest Thing To Say

Some words come easy to us. Words of tenderness for a loved one. Colorful metaphors. The proper order of terms for the grande triple mocha latte flavored coffee you order every day at the local Starbucks. But there are also…

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The Joys of Editing: It sounded so much better when I was in the shower….

We have all had those glorious moments in the rain locker.┬áThere you are…glistening wet skin, the perfect echo chamber, and your favorite song. The need to belt out the words seems as natural as breathing in and out. We are…

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When Being ‘A Day Late and a Dollar Short’ Ceases To Capture How Far Behind You Are

I used to love the phrase when I was a kid. “A day late and a dollar short” It seemed so jingly. So fun. So easy to catch up to if you just tried hard enough. After all, it was…

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Adventures in Querying: Receiving the First of Many Bloody Noses

We’ve all had that dream. No, I am not talking about the dirty bathroom dream where all of the stalls make the use of an outhouse at the yearly fair seem like a delightful prospect. Nor am I referring to…

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Adventures in Querying: The Art of Being Patient….Are We There Yet???

I thought when I saw puberty and all its trappings disappear into the rear view mirror of adulthood, I would somehow gain a greater sense of patience and a zen-like ability to wait for the things that truly mattered. As…

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