Mister Marmee Strikes Again and Other Four Pawed Cat-astrophies


After taking well over a year’s hiatus from the adventures of Mister Marmee and his friends, I am once again neck deep in the third Mister Marmee book – The Case of the Monkey’s Misfortune. Oh the foibles I have fallen into from starting a book, getting two thirds of the way through, laying it down, and then picking it back up again so far down the road. Why did this happen you might ask? I got side tracked. Shanghaied. Waylaid by my own imagination and ended up writing two more novels before getting back to my first love – the ever proper Sherlockian, crime-fighting cat.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining because an idea or two came crashing in and blessed me with two more novels. It’s just a rip roaring challenge to come back to a book half written and pick it up again after so much time has passed. I forgot names, characters, plotlines, the point….. I of course went back and reread it from the beginning, but the problem was, when I got to the place where I had left off, I still wasn’t entirely certain where I had intended to go with the story at the time.


Ah well. Such is the joy of making it up as you go along. No one has to know. Unless of course you confess it like a boob on your blog and then the whole world knows your secret, but who cares anyway. What I might have done over a year ago might not have been the best course. Who knows. Perhaps the fates stepped in to spare me from some horrid deadend plot twist that would have brought me nothing but heart ache had I posted it. We shall never truly know.

The good news is as of this moment, I have another novel under my belt. From the time I started this blog post to now, I finished typing the last word of the Marmee novel. My favorite sleuthing cat has solved another crime with his favorite miniature dachshund detective friend. The world is safe for the moment, and I am content. Until the editing begins, and I discover just how bad the first draft really is. But for now, we shall back in the glow of completion and look to the next project. To dream another dream and hope for tomorrow.

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