Sharing Pixel Blue Eyes – Her "Tails of Adventure": The Joy of a Good Book & a Giveaway – "The Case of…

What a glorious way to end 2014 and celebrate the year. A fun little blogger named Pixel Blue Eyes paid me the highest honor a pup can bestow by reviewing my second novel The Case of the Wayward Fae. There are times when words escape me about my own work, but this boisterous bundle has brought me to that magical moment where I wish I could say it better myself in describing the dynamic within the pages of this work. They say great things come in small packages, and nothing could be truer than this playful pup. If you have never had the pleasure of reading her posts, here is a great introduction. Don’t just read it for my sake, though her review is one of the best ever. Read her blog because it is fun to read.

Pixel Blue Eyes – Her “Tails of Adventure”: The Joy of a Good Book & a Giveaway – “The Case of…: Merry Christmas Eve Friends! Although it’s “Wordless Wednesday”, I have much to say because I just finished a GRAND ADVENTUR…

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