Finding Peace In the Whirlwind

The world is a noisy place, and sometimes it is easy to find yourself and your dreams lost within the whirlwind, unable to find your way. At those moments, it is simplest to just give up, surrendering the better part of yourself and your dreams to the destruction of the gale, believing there is no way to fight against such an overwhelming force. In fact, the world would tell you to do just that. Give up on your dreams. Dreams are not strong enough to survive against the might of what the world brings to rage against it. Stop dreaming altogether and step into the stark reality that surrounds you. It is a sad prospect for people like you and me when dreams have been our life’s blood. The marrow that has kept us going through the turmoil of each day.


What do I say to giving up on dreams and surrendering to the whirlwind of the world? Never! The whirlwind in truth is no greater than a single grain of sand. It truly has no power of its own. Not if you don’t grant it any. You and your dreams are stronger than the whirlwind. You are stronger than the world, but first you must believe it for yourself. You must be willing to see the whirlwind for what it truly is and envision your dreams as a reality, beyond just the hope of your heart.


Dreams are what we build our hopes upon, and our hopes are the pavestones upon which we set the course of our lives. There is power in them if we have the drive and the determination to lay them one stone at a time before us and set our feet firmly upon them, never turning back and retracing our steps in defeat. Our hopes, and therefore in effect, our dreams, only fail when we lay them down and walk away, surrendering them to the violence of the gale. Allowing them to be ripped apart and our hearts to be shredded in the process. I say hold onto your dreams and never let them go. Put wings to your dreams and feet to your faith and see how far you can go in the midst of the whirlwind.

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